Focus 90

This class is taught by:

Joe Fox

Joe has participated in organized athletics for the majority of his life; ultimately playing on the Austin College football team as a 270 pound center from 1996-2000. Joe has also spent the majority of his life dealing with injuries, with the first of six knee surgeries at the age of 14. Delynn convinced him to try hot yoga one weekend in the fall of 2008 after hurting his knee yet again. Yoga was the only activity Joe found that provided a well rounded workout (strength, cardio, and flexibility) while also relieving his knee pain and improving its function. After ten years in the investment banking and hedge fund industries, Joe decided to make a larger commitment to his yoga practice and graduated from Sunstone Yoga Academy in June 2011, receiving a 500 hour RYT. Joe has over 1200 hours of teaching experience in Texas and New Mexico.

It is widely recognized that investing in a private yoga session can do wonders for developing your practice, but for many, this one-on-one attention is financially and logistically out of reach, at least on a consistent basis.

FOCUS is an effort to find a middle ground for those who seek this individualized attention, but at a more attractive price point. These sessions will be limited to no more than five students and will require advanced online registration (by 10:00am the day of class) so that Joe can best serve each student's individual needs.

The yoga room will be warm and cozy during these classes, but not hot and sweaty like a regular class at SWEAT. You can expect to breathe, move, and sit in every FOCUS, but the exact details will be dependent on who shows up to practice. FOCUS is perfect for students who are looking to advance their practice to another level, or for those who are just getting started. Want to work into advanced postures and need guidance? Come to FOCUS. Are you new to yoga (or know someone who is) and are intimidated by the group setting and/or the hot and humid environment? Come to FOCUS.

This class can count as continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance for any yoga teachers searching to fulfill this yearly requirement! Email Joe at with questions

Upcoming classes:

  • Sat Jan 06 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm with Joe Fox