Staff List

Joe Fox
Joe has participated in organized athletics for the majority of his life; ultimately playing on the Austin College football team as a 270 pound center from 1996-2000. Joe has also spent the majority of his life dealing with injuries, with the first of six knee surgeries at the age of 14. Delynn convinced him to try hot yoga one weekend in the fall of 2008 after hurting his knee yet again. Yoga was the only activity Joe found that provided a well rounded workout (strength, cardio, and flexibility) while also relieving his knee pain and improving its function. After ten years in the investment banking and hedge fund industries, Joe decided to make a larger commitment to his yoga practice and graduated from Sunstone Yoga Academy in June 2011, receiving a 500 hour RYT. Joe has over 1200 hours of teaching experience in Texas and New Mexico.
Carrie Post
Carrie has been practicing yoga for over ten years, but truly found her passion for vinyasa in 2009 when she first started practicing Hot Yoga. She was immediately hooked on the energy of the flow along with its healing power and signed up for Jimmy Barkan’s hot vinyasa teacher training. Carrie graduated from Jimmy’s level one training in 2010, and did both of his level two trainings that year as well. In the spring of 2012, Carrie began the Five Elements Vinyasa teacher training with Janet Stone. In 2015 Carrie became 500hr certified by Janet Stone Yoga. Carrie is happy to be a member of SWEAT yoga school’s staff and loves witnessing the transformative power of studying yoga. She is also an intuitive bodyworker and a holistic health coach and is passionate about helping people find their paths to deep wellness and joy.
Delynn Davidson
Delynn was introduced to yoga by a college friend in 2007. Before her first class, she expected it to be “just stretching,” but was willing to give it a shot because her friend, also a college athlete, vouched for it. After the first class, she was hooked. She practiced regularly (averaging five classes per week) from that point forward. Delynn utilized yoga throughout two pregnancies, and credits it for helping with two smooth and uncomplicated natural births as well as a quick return to pre-pregnancy weight. Delynn received a 200 hour Registered Yoga Certification (RYT) from Sunstone Yoga Academy in March 2012, shortly before the birth of her second son in April 2012. She also completed a 100 hour training with Janet Stone in July 2013. Prior to teaching yoga, Delynn spent five years as a public high school teacher in Albuquerque, NM and Frisco, TX.
Nicole Hightower

Nicole was first introduced to hot yoga in May 2009 by a friend who invited her to a class. It was not only her first hot yoga class but her first yoga class in general. Immediately, yoga became a big part of her life and her livelihood. Prior to practicing yoga, Nicole was a pilates student for years and an avid runner. However, she had not yet found her true passion until she found yoga. After attending a workshop by Jimmy Barkan in January 2010, Nicole was inspired to pursue her passion even further by signing up for the Barkan Method Hot Yoga Teacher Training. She completed her level one 200 hour teacher training in July 2010 and her level 2 training in April 2011. Nicole has a background in education and enjoys the teaching aspect just as much as the practice of yoga. She is excited to join the SWEAT family!

Julie Kelly-Smith

Julie decided to try yoga to strengthen weak areas in her body while recovering from a running injury. After practicing yoga for a few short months not only did she experience less pain while running but yoga put a balance in her life off the mat as well. A life-long athlete, Julie was drawn to the intense physical practice but it was the mind body connection that kept her coming back. She sees yoga as a much needed balance to today’s hectic lifestyles. She took her practice to the next level and completed the 200hr Hot Teacher Training at Corepower Yoga in Chicago in 2009. She then continued her journey studying vinyasa, yin and prenatal yoga. Through teaching she enjoys working with others on their journey towards finding their truth through mental, physical, and spiritual health/wellness.  Julie returned to New Mexico in 2012 after being in Chicago for 7 years. She is delighted to be back in the warm sunny southwest to enjoy the outdoors and share her love of yoga with you.

Meredith Gee

Meredith found hot yoga in 2010 with some work out friends and was immediately hooked! The initial rush simmered and the calming effects kicked in and in 2011 Meredith completed her 200 hour RYT training with Sacred Hot Yoga. Since then, Meredith has found her creative side to keep each class different yet accessible to new and experienced yogis. She has been known to say, "I don't want anyone to feel intimidated by a pose or class. Everything can be modified!" The flexibility that comes with teaching yoga is the time that I have to participate in my daughter's life, both school and sports, and the time I have to just run with my dogs. Meredith is excited to join team SWEAT!

Jenny Thomas
Jenny has always had a passion for health and wellness. She first started practicing yoga in 2006 while working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, and was amazed by not only the physical, but the mental and emotional benefits of the practice. To share her love of yoga, she began teaching classes to the employees at Sandia National Laboratories in 2009. In early 2011, Jenny discovered her love for practicing in the heat when she tried Bikram yoga, which she practiced consistently for two years. Later, she also grew to love other forms of hot yoga. After completing her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science in 2013, Jenny completed her 200-hour Ayuryoga Teacher Training from the Ayurvedic Institute in early 2014. She continues to work full time at Sandia National Laboratories as a Health Educator and Fitness Professional to teach and promote healthy lifestyles.
Alison Roberts
Alison has been practicing various styles of yoga for over 10 years, finding hot yoga in 2009. She instantly fell in love with the heat and made it part of a regular routine. Due to a full time job, the calling to teach had to be put on hold until 2012 when an opportunity presented itself and she completed her 200 hour training through the Sacred Hot Yoga Method. Two years later, Alison took the plunge and left the security of her job to travel to Bali, Indonesia to complete her 500 hour training through Zuna Yoga. Alison's knowledge is thorough and spans from restorative to powerful vinyasa flows with a strong focus on intention, breath, and the energetic systems of the body. She is incredibly grateful and honored to be part of the SWEAT community.
Shannon Lucero
Shannon discovered yoga in August of 2013. She felt a sense of peace, safety, internal and external healing and a deep challenge both mentally and physically with every class she took. She immediately looked forward to making it a part of her daily routine. After losing her job of 19 years and enjoying the many benefits of my practice and the inspiration of those around me, she wanted to learn more so she enrolled in Inspire Yoga training in August of 2014 and received her 200 RYT, not knowing she would begin teaching immediately thereafter. Shannon loves teaching as it affords her the opportunity to watch poses connect with the mind, body, and spirit of students. She wants people to leave their mat with a smile and look forward to rolling it out again. Outside of yoga, Shannon received my certification as MOM 20 years ago and has the privilege of raising three boys. She is honored to be a part of the SWEAT family, and is excited to guide and practice alongside this community of fellow yogis.
Lisa Duncan
Lisa first discovered hot yoga while training for an ironman in 2010. She added hot yoga to her ironman training program to help with recovery and mental focus, which was instrumental in ultimately finishing the ironman. In 2015, Lisa completed her 200 hour training program at SWEAT Yoga Studio. Lisa loves inspiring healthy lifestyles and sharing the beauty of yoga. Lisa truly believes anybody can do yoga and believes everybody can develop a deeper connection with their mind, body, and spirt. Lisa’s goal for every yoga class is for all students to leave feeling good about themselves with a sense of accomplishment and full of energy. Lisa is a physical therapist that specializes in neurological patients ranging from strokes, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Lisa is excited and grateful to be a part of the SWEAT family and thrilled to share her passion of yoga.
Terri Othling

Terri began practicing yoga at the age of 50 in 2010. It wasn’t until her first Bikram class in early 2011 that she became totally captivated with hot yoga, practicing consistently for 3 years. In March 2014 Terri took her first flow class at SWEAT Yoga studio and realized the beneficial, yet challenging beauty of practicing both “static” and “flow” hot yoga. She credits hot yoga with helping to heal knee and shoulder injuries and facilitating the ability to “age with grace.” Enrolling in the first SWEAT Yoga School to deepen her practice and yoga knowledge, Terri graduated in July 2015 with a RYT 200 and a passion to help people realize the countless benefits and joy of yoga, regardless of age. She is a mom, grandmother, and artist, and is so grateful to be a part of the SWEAT community (along with her daughter, Jenny Thomas).

Nathan Espinoza
Nathan is a small town boy who made his way to the "big city" in August 2011. He moved to Albuquerque to further his experience as an elementary school teacher and to find what he didn't know he was looking for at the time. Shortly after moving to Albuquerque, he started experiencing back pain. It was during this time that a co-worker invited him to a hot yoga class. He went and fell in love with his first class. He knew since that day that he wanted to teach yoga one day. It took five years and two yoga schools to make his dream a reality. In August 2016, Nathan completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training at Sweat Yoga Studio. He hopes to help bring light into the lives of his elementary students, his family, and his yoga community.
Monica Coshenet
Monica has been a fitness junkie for her entire life, always finding new classes or sports to give her that wonderful endorphin high. And that’s exactly how she got hooked at SWEAT, falling in love with the hot room and the challenging classes! Although she first began her hot yoga practice in 2008, she only found consistency with it when she started attending SWEAT in 2013. Monica initially only sought out the physical aspect of hot yoga but has since realized the profound benefits it’s had on her mental and emotional health as well. Because of that, she was eager to join SWEAT’s yoga teacher training despite having just given birth to her first child, Opal! Although teaching at SWEAT has always been part of her goal, she also hopes to use her training in yoga and her background as an Occupational Therapist to make yoga accessible to all people despite any physical or cognitive challenges that they may have. Bottom line is, Monica is beyond excited to be a part of the SWEAT family and the yoga community!
Vikki Everett
Vikki has been practicing yoga sporadically since 2008. She was introduced to hot yoga through a friend of a friend in 2014 and was immediately hooked. After going through a less than graceful pregnancy, she quickly realized it was time to get back on the mat. When the opportunity to participate in SWEAT Yoga School presented itself, Vikki dove in head first and hasn’t looked back. She initially pursued yoga school to deepen her personal understanding and advance her practice. Through the course of her training she quickly began to uncover a passion for teaching. She is thrilled to share this passion and join the SWEAT family!
Jessica Dyer
Jessica was introduced to yoga at a young age, practicing in her grandparents’ living room to Rodney Yee on VHS when she was 8 years old. For the next 15 years, yoga remained a key part of her life. Jessica appreciates all styles of yoga and truly believes there is no “wrong” way or reason to practice. She thinks of yoga as a way to immerse yourself fully into whatever life has to offer, on and off the mat. Jessica completed her 200 hour teacher training here at SWEAT, which confirmed her desire to teach and take her practice to the next level. She feels so grateful to be able to be a part of SWEAT’s amazing team to share her passion with students and the yoga community at large. She is excited to contribute to the future of yoga and believes it will only grow from here.
Elisa Hagen

Elisa was first introduced to yoga in 2008 as a way to counteract the injuries and physical stresses that had accumulated over her years of distance running. She knew yoga was necessary for future injury prevention and the overall health of her body, but running remained her focus until her first pregnancy when yoga became a daily part of life. She first came to love hot yoga by attending SWEAT in 2014 after her first son, Hendrik, was born. Yoga at SWEAT was paramount in rebuilding Elisa’s physical, mental, and emotional strength after pregnancy and became a necessity in her life. She attended yoga school at SWEAT in 2016 (along with her six-week old son, Willem) and obtained her 200-hour RYT certification. Elisa has a degree in nutrition, her NASM personal training certification with specializations in core strength, flexibility, women’s fitness and experience teaching group fitness in a gym setting. She truly believes yoga is the best physical, mental and emotional exercise and that it can positively impact everyone’s lives.

Caitlin VonLoh
Caitlin found yoga in the Spring of 2015 while eating lunch. She happened to notice the yoga studio through the window and thought to herself, “Huh, that place is called SWEAT, I should go there.” She has always been interested in fitness, participating in activities such as Pilates, pole vaulting, and running everything from 5k’s to marathons. She even dabbled in triathlons by completing her first (and hopefully last) Ironman in 2013. While she had practiced reformer Pilates for several years prior to moving to Albuquerque, she had always disliked the local yoga culture. The emphasis was placed on branding and exclusivity over wellness and growth. She even went as far as telling her husband that if she ever got into yoga he should question her sanity. Fortunately, she gave SWEAT a chance and after 2 years of regularly attending classes she completed 200-hours of yoga instructor training at SWEAT in the Spring of 2017. She is excited to be joining the SWEAT family and hopes to help others realize that yoga isn't just for those with the most Instagram-worthy asanas, it's for everyone.
Emma Lewis
Emma first discovered yoga at the age of 17 and immediately fell in love with the dedicated practice. Since then yoga has become an integral part of her life. In the last 8 years she’s completed her Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher training certification with Maria Garre and Shiva Rea, and has explored other lineages including Ayurvedic Hatha Yoga and Kids Yoga. Recently she began co-teaching kids yoga club through Albuquerque Public Schools and is the International Kids Yoga Day Ambassador for New Mexico. Teachings yoga to children has been an absolute joy for Emma and she is grateful for the opportunity to bring kids yoga to SWEAT!
Guest Yoga School Teacher
Join one of SWEAT's 300- hour Yoga School students. All 300- hour students have a 200- hour certification and teaching experience. 
SWEAT Intern
SWEAT's Internship Program allows our 200- hour Yoga School graduates an opportunity to join the SWEAT team for 2 months. Interns are hand picked and each of them have something unique and special to share. Please come show your support for these amazing individuals. Below is an intern schedule for the remainder of 2018:
May/June - Ann Kennedy & Chaya Rose
July/August - Annika Haggerty & Ada Portman
September/October - David Johnson & Velda Salazar
November/December - Danae Fernandez & Caryn Husk
Ann Kennedy
Ann dabbled with Bikram Yoga in West Philly throughout college. As Ann moved through her next stages of life she had lost the practice of yoga only to return to it in May 2017 at Sweat Yoga Studio. She was instantly brought back to her Bikram experience and plunged right into Sweat’s 200 Hour Yoga School in August 2017. Ann yearns for the breath-movement connection and feels in equilibrium when re-connected through yoga practice. In addition to yoga being so instrumental to her mental health it has also proven to be an excellent source of endurance and strength building. Ann is very passionate about guiding students through challenging classes with an emphasis on the breath. Ann is so grateful and excited to be joining the Sweat Yoga Studio Community!
Nicole Jane Shaw
Nicole Jane Shaw is an Australian native, living and teaching yoga in Dallas, Texas since 2002. She spent fourteen incredible years cultivating a vibrant yoga company, Sunstone Fit, as its co-founder. Recently, Nicole decided to part ways with her community and create her own soulful journey.
Beginning in 2015, Nicole began work alongside many inspirational teachers from different modalities, to include yoga, meditation, psychology, integral leadership, and dance therapy. Through this “melding of the minds” with many leaders in the wellness industry, she discovered that her path to happiness has to do with the unwinding of social conditioning, and embracing her humanness.
Wellness encompasses the body, mind and spirit. It is a journey to acceptance; a gentle surrender to living reality. When we can surrender, we can see with clarity the beauty in the opposites of existence. When we surround ourselves with conscious, compassionate thinkers and creatives we can change our habituated reality. At the heart of this change is grace, self-inquiry, and love. Transformation begins with a sense of grounded presence; we are centered in the heart, and we perceive and love in the world from a place of clarity and bliss.
Nicole's teaching at its core is living a life of compassion. When we choose to accept this perspective of compassion, life reveals a simple joy, a truth, an inner-knowing that we are exactly right where we are meant to be right in this very precious moment.