Julie Kelly-Smith

Julie decided to try yoga to strengthen weak areas in her body while recovering from a running injury. After practicing yoga for a few short months not only did she experience less pain while running but yoga put a balance in her life off the mat as well. A life-long athlete, Julie was drawn to the intense physical practice but it was the mind body connection that kept her coming back. She sees yoga as a much needed balance to today’s hectic lifestyles. She took her practice to the next level and completed the 200hr Hot Teacher Training at Corepower Yoga in Chicago in 2009. She then continued her journey studying vinyasa, yin and prenatal yoga. Through teaching she enjoys working with others on their journey towards finding their truth through mental, physical, and spiritual health/wellness.  Julie returned to New Mexico in 2012 after being in Chicago for 7 years. She is delighted to be back in the warm sunny southwest to enjoy the outdoors and share her love of yoga with you.

Julie Kelly-Smith instructs the following:
  • Flow 60
  • In a flow class, postures are strung together in multiple series. As the name suggests, a practitioner can expect to “flow” from one posture to the next in this style of class, synchronizing the breath with the movement. The pace of this class is generally quicker than a static sequence, leaving less time for focus on form and alignment, but providing a vigorous cardiovascular workout. Expect up-tempo music and a more playful atmosphere. Generally, this wouldn’t be the best choice for your first yoga class, but new practitioners are always welcome. This is a great complement to a static practice because it offers variety in addition to greater focus on upper-body and core work. In the 60-minute version, expect to be on your feet almost the entire time. The 90-minute version will include a floor series. Environment – 98.6 degrees/70% humidity