Meg Tuazon Shemai

Meg Tuazon Shemai instructs the following:
  • Oils and Asanas
  • This is a gentle slow flow class which gradually moves into yin and restorative postures, all paired with the use of essential oils. As you relax into each posture, you will gain knowledge of the benefits and uses of essential oils. Each chakra will be aligned with the use of the oils as well as postures to open up and awaken your connection to yourself. You will walk away feeling relaxed, restored, and and rejuvenated by the aromas of each oil as well as the specific posture paired with each oil to allow for maximum healing. After the class, we will discuss a bit further on what essential oils are and why it's essential to incorporate them into your everyday practice!
    From the oceans to the mountains, Meg Tuazon Shemai was raised with a close connection to nature and movement. The journey of yoga as a dynamic adventure was appealing to Meg’s migratory nature and energetic being. This has propelled her toward creative projects such as The Nest Yoga studio; currently, Summit to Sea Yoga-unique yogic retreats, workshops and wellness education for a recreational, sustainable, and spiritual lifestyle.
    Meg has a drive towards entrepreneurial projects that empower others within their health and well-being. She also blends her wellness coaching skills and her passion for essential oils in helping people live more abundant and healthy lifestyles. Meg received her Registered Yoga Teacher certification in 2007 and has continued her education since then in Yoga Therapy Rx, Reiki, Yinki®, Sridaiva as well as other healing modalities such as Rain Drop Technique and Emotional Release with Essential Oils. Meg looks forward to weaving her diverse blend of education and worldly experience into her creative projects, while sharing her passions with as many people as she can for total well-being on a much broader scale.