Elisa Hagen

Elisa was first introduced to yoga in 2008 as a way to counteract the injuries and physical stresses that had accumulated over her years of distance running. She knew yoga was necessary for future injury prevention and the overall health of her body, but running remained her focus until her first pregnancy when yoga became a daily part of life. She first came to love hot yoga by attending SWEAT in 2014 after her first son, Hendrik, was born. Yoga at SWEAT was paramount in rebuilding Elisa’s physical, mental, and emotional strength after pregnancy and became a necessity in her life. She attended yoga school at SWEAT in 2016 (along with her six-week old son, Willem) and obtained her 200-hour RYT certification. Elisa has a degree in nutrition, her NASM personal training certification with specializations in core strength, flexibility, women’s fitness and experience teaching group fitness in a gym setting. She truly believes yoga is the best physical, mental and emotional exercise and that it can positively impact everyone’s lives.

Elisa Hagen instructs the following:
  • Flow 60
  • In a flow class, postures are strung together in multiple series. As the name suggests, a practitioner can expect to “flow” from one posture to the next in this style of class, synchronizing the breath with the movement. The pace of this class is generally quicker than a static sequence, leaving less time for focus on form and alignment, but providing a vigorous cardiovascular workout. Expect up-tempo music and a more playful atmosphere. Generally, this wouldn’t be the best choice for your first yoga class, but new practitioners are always welcome. This is a great complement to a static practice because it offers variety in addition to greater focus on upper-body and core work. In the 60-minute version, expect to be on your feet almost the entire time. The 90-minute version will include a floor series. Environment – 98.6 degrees/70% humidity