Below are short videos depicting what you might expect to experience in our different styles of yoga classes.  These are designed specifically to help new practioners get a better understanding of what to expect before coming in to the studio. Videos were filmed, directed, and edited by IWC Pictures, who also composed and performed the music.



Static – In a static class, you will experience a series of postures performed individually with a short pause in between each pose. This class can be a vigorous and well-rounded workout, but is also very appropriate for beginners. It will provide both the new and advanced practitioners with a solid foundation that is useful in other classes offered at SWEAT. Expect a lot of feedback on proper form and alignment.  Approximately 2/3 of each class will consist of standing poses, with the remaining 1/3 of class being spent on the floor.



Flow – In a flow class, postures are strung together in multiple series. As the name suggests, a practitioner can expect to “flow” from one posture to the next in this style of class, using the breath to guide the movement. The pace of this class is generally quicker than a static equence, leaving less time for focus on form and alignment, but providing a vigorous cardiovascular workout.  Expect up-tempo music and a more playful atmosphere.  Generally, this wouldn’t be the best choice for your first yoga class, but new practitioners are always welcome.  This is a great complement to a static practice because it offers variety in addition to greater focus on upper-body and core work. In the 60-minute version, expect to be on your feet almost the entire time.  The 90-minute version will include a floor series.



Flow 2.0 – This “Level Two” class is taught in a very similar style to its Flow counterpart, but incorporates some more technically complex postures. Expect to attempt arm balances, inversions, and more difficult transitions between series. This class is most appropriate for the experienced yogi who is looking to advance his or her practice in a safe environment with highly experienced instructors. If you don’t know whether this class is appropriate for you, just ask at the studio.  If you’ve never heard of arm-balancing or inverting, but you’re curious, this might be something to try.  Worst case – you can always watch.  This class will consist of a 75-minute vigorous workout with a 15-minute question and answer session.