Our Mission: SWEAT Yoga Studio strives to create a vibrant yoga community that is open and welcoming to all types of students.  Whether you are young or old, skinny or curvy, a new yogi or a seasoned practitioner, we want you as part of our community.  Above all, the studio's purpose is to enrich the lives of others through yoga; our students, our teachers and our community. SWEAT Yoga Studio will accomplish that goal by consistently helping as many people as possible improve their physical and mental health in a safe, friendly, comfortable and knowledgeable environment. We will work hard for our students by helping them expand, improve and grow their yoga practice. Yoga is for everybody. Come SWEAT with us!   


Our Story: Owners and husband and wife team Joe Fox and Delynn Davidson brought their long-time dream into reality when SWEAT opened its doors in Fall 2013. As college athletes, both Joe and Delynn have always valued the contributions that physical activity has made to their lives, but nothing has had quite the same effect as the development of their yoga practice. Delynn hesitantly tried yoga first at the suggestion of a college friend who was also an athlete, and she was immediately hooked by the intensity of the workout. For Joe, it took longer to stick, but his desire to impress Delynn and the relief he felt from chronic knee pain finally did the trick! While the well-rounded physical experience is what lured both of them in, the couple was pleasantly surprised as, over time, they noticed improvements in sleeping patterns, stress levels, and their general health. Yoga had become not only a hobby they enjoyed doing together, but something that was bringing improvements to all aspects of their lives.


 Who We Are


As they both became more serious practitioners, they tossed around the idea of becoming yoga instructors from time to time. Each time they had the discussion, something stood in the way – either the timing wasn’t right or they weren’t sure whether this was the best path to pursue. Both Joe and Delynn’s conviction in yoga grew immensely upon witnessing the role it played in Delynn’s pregnancy and the birth of their first son, Tiago. Delynn’s ability to manage the discomforts of pregnancy and then work through a quick and intense natural birth using the tools that yoga had taught her reaffirmed for the couple just how powerful a yoga practice can be both physically and mentally. Through the bleary-eyed lens of new-parenthood, they decided that owning a yoga studio was somewhere in their future.


From there, the rest, as they say, is history! Joe obtained his certification from Sunstone Academy first and began teaching at their neighborhood studio in Dallas, Texas. Delynn followed a year later, completing her training with their second son safely in-tow inside her. After the birth of Tycho in April 2012, the family relocated to Albuquerque to be closer to Delynn’s parents and one step closer to their dream. Approximately one year after their move, and coming off of two years of child-rearing sabbatical, the dream became a reality for the family as SWEAT’s doors opened in October 2013. 


"It's when we start working together that the real healing takes place. . . it's when we start spilling our SWEAT, not our blood."

-David Hume