Advancing the Pose Workshop w David & Jeff! Saturday 11/9 4-6

Saturday, November 9th 4-6

$10/members $20/non-members

This will be a playful workshop focusing on creating lift and lightness to achieve arm balances.

Never done a handstand?

Don't worry, we'll cover the fundamentals.

Want to learn how to strengthen your handstands? This workshop is for you!

Want to learn how to make your handstands stronger? This workshop is for you! Appropriate for all levels.

The workshop will include:
-Hand, arm, and shoulder positioning
-Mobility drills for shoulder strength
-Activating core while maintaining a straight line
-Breathing while inverted
-How to use the wall for alignment and endurance
-Kick, jump, and press to handstand
-Freestanding handstand with teacher spotting
-Drills will be progressed as needed for individual advancement

Ethan Johnson