It's All Temporary by Alison Roberts

Here is the thing with life, the minute it’s perfect, it’s not. 

And then the minute it’s perfect again, your version of perfect has changed.

Well, maybe not in your life... but this is the case in mine.

What’s the coolest part of yoga? The realization that everything is temporary. Everything.

The good, the bad & every moment in between.

It hurts? Guess what? It’ll be over.

It’s awesome? Guess what? It won’t feel like this forever.

Not only do the moments change, but your definition of them change, the way you perceive these passing moments changes with each new second of your life and experience.

And then?

And then YOU become a moment. A memory. A part of someone else’s experience the way they perceived it.

Heavy? Harsh? 

Yes, exactly.

Yoga is THAT. 

It’s diving deeper and deeper into the YOU that is REAL instead of the you that is built from labels & opinions & the world around you telling you who you are & what you should be.

Yoga is truth.

And that truth is always accessible to you but rarely accessed 

Once you quiet your mind & shut off the chatter, there it is. There YOU are. 

Spend time there, get comfortable with that space. 

That’s yoga.

As much as this idea of ‘temporary’ can mess with your head, What a joy it is knowing that you are not in it alone. That’s the beauty of the yoga community.

Aging, kids, true love. Heavy topics. Heartbreakingly emotional in every way - a million times a day but also the very things that bring the most joy & make this temporary journey so much fun.

Ethan Johnson