Restore Yourself - Yoga, Acupuncture, Healing

Thursday Evening September 26th

7:00 - 8:30PM

$45 / limited to 10 people

In this intimate class, we will unite yoga with Chinese Medicine in an effort to make acupuncture more accessible to our community. Bri, a licensed Classical Doctor of Oriental Medicine, if offering this very special opportunity to find treatment without compromising quality.

Bri will lead you through a practice designed to prepare the body to receive acupuncture treatment. In this class, we are not focused on fitness, as the class is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Our focus here is to create a space where seekers are able to come and receive the practice, receive treatment, and find healing.

Practitioners will be left in savasana at which point Bri will come around and feel pulses. There will be no talking through the course of class or treatment, as the pulses reveal which acupuncture points are chosen for treatment, and are different for every individual

She will then place a few needles, and in addition may use moxa, bodywork, or gua sha. 

As this is a community-style acupuncture service she will be cycling around the room, rechecking pulses and making sure all practitioners are tended to and comfortable.

The asana practice will last about 30-40 minutes, followed by 40-50 minutes of meditation and treatment. This allows enough time for Bri to spend adequate time with each patient.

When your treatment is over she will pull the needles and at this point, you may stay and rest for additional meditation time or you may leave the practice room.

The hope of this class is to make Chinese medicine accessible. To offer it in a community setting without compromising the quality of care.

It is our vision that by combining these two practices we may find a deeper connection, whether that be with the self, with community, or with a higher power, and in turn find true healing. To have the opportunity each week, day, breath and moment to truly Reunite.

All patient information is HIPPA secure. All treatment records are kept in a locked travel case which only Bri has access to. No personal information will be shared. There will be no talking during treatment so the others receiving treatment next to you will not be aware of your treatment needs, or personal information.

CNT (clean needle technique) protocol is our standard. All needles used for treatment are one time use and immediately disposed of in a biohazard sharps container.

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Ethan Johnson