SWEAT Yoga Studio Brings a HOT Pilates Class To Albuquerque’s State Of The Art Heating Facility

Hot Pilates in Albuquerque | SWEAT Yoga Studio

Come ignite your core with SWEAT's HOT Pilates class!

SWEAT’s HOT Pilates class in Albuquerque is a fun, challenging, full body, low impact exercise that targets small muscles by focusing on using slow, precise movements to strengthen the entire body with a large focus on the core. Each class moves through a series of exercises that strengthen the body’s stabilizing muscles, improves coordination, tones, and improves agility and power.  Consistent practice creates improved posture, flexibility, strength, and mobility. 

Our Pilates classes in Albuquerque allow for each exercise to shift from beginner to advanced depending on the person and their goals. The strength work ensures you build muscle endurance. And it’s not all about abs, think also a tight tush, lean legs, sculpted arms, and a strong back!

This HOT Pilates class incorporates elements of flow hot yoga and focuses on core strengthening, flexibility and breath.

Is HOT Pilates What You Think It Is?

girl doing hot pilates at SWEAT Yoga Studio in Albuquerque

Recent studies show the majority of the people of Albuquerque love a good booty workout…

Out of the 8 different class types offered at SWEAT Yoga Studio, owner Marisa Johnson says Hot Pilates is the most unique. It’s a full-body high-intensity training session instructed by Monica Coshenet, one of SWEAT’s yoga instructors and is owner of BodyLanguage. She’s a pilates wizard that’ll have you feeling the burn in minutes!

The hot pilates room is spacious, welcoming and the air is filled with natural eucalyptus oil. There’s also a “refuel station” where you can pick up snack bars and drinks post-workout.

Although the majority of the hot pilates class is intense, they’re all beginner-friendly, instructed by teachers trained to modify classes as needed. It’s not an intimidating atmosphere whatsoever.

What you should know about SWEAT’s HOT Pilates Class In Albuquerque

SWEAT Yoga Studio isn’t a traditional Hot Pilates studio. But the benefits of Hot Pilates complement those of hot yoga so SWEAT’s owners didn’t hesitate to expand.

“It’s upbeat, inspiring music, with a super energetic instructor, in focused and hot classes,” Marisa says. “Hot pilates is a fantastic workout. As soon as you step into one of the hot pilates classes, you can feel the motivation and energy in the room.”

More times than not, gyms and Pilates studios don’t cater to all the needs of their members – like having showers, providing mats, towels, snacks, and free daycare.

“We’re getting a lot of positive responses from members who like having all the necessities under one roof,” Marisa says.

The Hot Pilates room at SWEAT is kept at around 99 degrees fahrenheit and Manduka mats, towels, and blocks are provided (more on our facility).

“The hot room allows your body to work harder to stay cool and requires more energy.”

The heat adds another level of intensity to each hot pilates class…not to mention the other class types offered.

“It’s a twisted vinyasa class mixed with a whole lot of positive vibrations” Marisa says. “It's fun and it’s efficient”

“If your looking for a clean, friendly and positive hot yoga atmosphere this is it.  I like the fact that they provide everything right down to the lotion and deodorant!   I've been to several hot yoga studios in Albuquerque and this is by far the best.  Its nice to know its in my hometown, Albuquerque!  Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.  Namaste!” - Brendon B.