SWEAT Yoga Studio strives to maintain a vibrant hot yoga community in Albuquerque that is open and welcoming to all students looking for an exquisite hot yoga class in Albuquerque. SWEAT Yoga Studio offers a variety of hot yoga classes to choose from. Join us at SWEAT hot yoga classes in ABQ today!

Our Hot Yoga Studio In Albuquerque


Proper hot yoga flooring is an essential component of a positive hot yoga experience. More often than not, hot yoga studios in Albuquerque install flooring that has not been designed for frequent hot yoga temperatures. This leads to a variety of sanitary and safety problems to include microbial growth, stench, unstable & slippery footing, insect attractant, abrasiveness and too little cushion.

The Zebra Hot Yoga Flooring installed in our studio was designed specifically for use in hot yoga studios as it is antimicrobial, water proof, slip resistant, gentle on feet and joints, and has minimal seams. This flooring has a dense re-bond polyurethane, open cell foam bonded to an 18 ounce traditional tatami textured vinyl surface providing for sure footing and shock absorbing cushion to reduce the risk of injury. Unlike carpet, the tatami textured vinyl surface does not absorb water nor stay wet and is specially designed to allow for moisture evaporation, preventing fungi, mildew and bacterial growth. Zebra Hot Yoga Flooring also does not release particles, filaments or harmful outgases like carpet, providing a dust-free, less toxic and hypoallergenic environment.


The hot yoga room was designed to maximize its insulation properties. To that end, the wall’s insulation includes highly reflective radiant barrier foil which minimizes heat loss, putting less strain on HVAC equipment and ultimately reducing energy expenditure. This material reflects 99% of radiant energy and has an “R Value” of 9; effectively doubling the insulating capability of a standard wall. Closed cell spray foam has been used to insulate the hot yoga room ceiling to further support the already insulated roof and prevent condensation.

In addition, the added benefit of our Zebra Hot Yoga Flooring is its insulation properties that prevent heat and humidity from escaping through subflooring; further reducing energy expenditure and carbon footprint.


SWEAT Yoga Studio has incandescent indirect lighting, which reduces distraction and provides for a more comfortable hot yoga experience while reducing environmental impact.

We provide complimentary mats and hot yoga towels for your convenience and pleasure. After an exhaustive search and product testing, SWEAT Yoga Studio decided to offer the Manduka PROlite hot yoga mat for in-studio use. These hot yoga mats offer the utmost in quality, performance, and comfort while being zero-waste; enhancing your hot yoga practice while protecting our planet. The PROlite is slip resistant, even when wet from perspiration, but without the foul taste and smell of new rubber mats. Manduka has obtained OEKO-TEX certification (environmental certification agency in Europe for the textile industry) for the PROlite hot yoga mat which certifies both its safety for human contact and emissions-free manufacturing. The PROlite hot yoga mat is excellent for hot yoga due to its antimicrobial and water proof properties. The combination of the following properties…SWEAT Yoga Studio unique essential-oil based mat spray, mat hanging system and cleaning policy ensure that our mats stay clean, dry and fresh for your consistent use. The PROlite hot yoga mat is also 100% latex free and therefore safe for people with latex sensitivities.

Additionally, SWEAT Yoga Studio provides the Manduka eQua Microfiber Mat Towel for complimentary in-studio use to enhance comfort, safety and hygiene with its super-absorbent, non-slip and quick drying properties. SWEAT Yoga Studio is extremely excited to partner with a company that makes such high quality hot yoga products in a responsible manner. Come and check out the difference Manduka’s products can make for your hot yoga practice at one of our hot yoga classes in Albuquerque.

Matts & Towels

SWEAT Yoga Studio’s comfortable 750 square foot lobby provides ample space for students to gather before and after class. Browse our SWEAT boutique, grab a quick snack or a drink, catch up with friends, or ask questions of our instructors.

Lobby & Retail Area

Sweat Yoga Studio has a special space designed with your children in mind. Our childcare room is a cozy spot that helps children feel safe and is bright and well-lit. Children must be at least six months old & sit independently. Childcare is free to members or $10/per child for non-members. It opens fifteen minutes before class and closes fifteen minutes after hot yoga classes. Children must be picked up on time.


Our spacious locker rooms are well-stocked with all the necessary amenities to make your pre and post hot yoga class experience enjoyable. Both the men’s and women’s spaces have roomy tiled showers, ample storage, vanities, and complimentary towels and personal products to help get you looking your best after your SWEATy hot yoga class.

We use organic & eco-friendly EO Products. EO stands for Essential Oils and a unique blend of oils is mixed into every product. They are a California-made, family business. We have Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash & Lotion in all of our locker rooms. 

You can now practice hot yoga in the morning and go straight to work or school, in the afternoon during your lunch hour or at night after your busy day. 

Changing Rooms

In case our first lobby space isn't enough, we have a second lobby that allows you to connect with friends after a hot yoga class, hang your SWEATy hot yoga mat on our custom built mat rack and, provides secure storage for small items like keys, wallets and cell phones.

Secondary Lobby

SWEAT Yoga Studio’s owners believe it is possible to design an appealing space while also being mindful of minimizing environmental impact. Here are some of the ways we have incorporated environmentally friendly concepts into our hot yoga studio in Albuquerque:

-Highly efficient HVAC system fueled by natural gas

-The most effective hot yoga studio room insulation available

-Non-toxic and environmentally responsible hot yoga flooring

-High-end water filtration system installed throughout the hot yoga studio in addition to an automatic water bottle filler

-Complimentary Manduka PROlite yoga mats manufactured with no toxic emissions released into atmosphere

-Complimentary Manduka eQua yoga towels made of recyclable material

-No VOC paint throughout the studio

-High efficiency light and plumbing fixtures throughout the hot yoga studio in Albuquerque

-Reusable non-paper towels in restrooms

-On-Demand water heating system 

-Recycled and renewable materials used for decor throughout the hot yoga studio lobby space

Eco Friendly

Our HVAC system controls the heat, humidity, and air quality throughout the hot yoga studio in Albuquerque.  It is vitally important that SWEAT Yoga Studio’s hot yoga classes offer a consistent and controllable hot yoga environment for students by achieving the targeted temperature and humidity level.  Also, human and animal lungs absorb oxygen more efficiently from clean air, enhancing general health and well-being. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the air you breathe at our hot yoga studio in Albuquerque is the cleanest, freshest and healthiest available. See below for more specific information on how our specialized hot yoga equipment will help achieve these goals. 

Modulating Furnace

The National Association of Homebuilders likens a standard furnace to stop-and-go traffic, with its inefficient use of energy for your car and frustration for you. Modulating furnace performance is more like highway driving, where you are cruising along, making slight operating adjustments while achieving maximum efficiency. Our modulating furnace operates with more finesse to reduce temperature fluctuations, providing a consistent indoor temperature, quiet operation, and an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) up to 98%. That means fuel is used more efficiently, reducing energy use and minimizing our carbon footprint. This type of furnace maintains the temperature to within a ½ degree of the thermostat set point. Since the fan and burner almost never run at full capacity and energy-robbing on/off cycling is eliminated, the unit is highly fuel-efficient.

110 lb Modulating Natural Gas Steam Humidifier

Humidity is a very important part of SWEAT Yoga Studio's hot yoga experience. Using our sophisticated humidifier allows us to decrease the temperature in our hot yoga studio, but achieve similar results to a higher temperature environment.  Students receive the benefits of sweating while not overheating or otherwise feeling "cooked." 

Energy Recovery Ventilator

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) provides fresh air to a conditioned space while exhausting an equal amount of stale air. Heat energy and moisture is transferred from one air stream to the other; saving energy by utilizing energy of stale air to treat fresh air. Incoming fresh air is filtered before flowing through the heat exchange core. Stale air flows through the cross-flow heat exchanger and transfers heat and moisture to the incoming fresh air. Warm fresh air is then distributed through a unique ductwork system. This unit is equipped with variable frequency drive (VFD) which brings in the correct volume of air in order to maintain appropriate oxygen levels. 

Ultra-Violet Light Kit

Typically, heated yoga studios create an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and mold. Usually, filters are used to mitigte this problem, but filters do not prevent microbes from passing into a building's air circulation. Amidst these indoor air quality challenges, the HVAC industry has produced new technology that is effective for controlling allergens, mold, infectious airborne diseases and other microbes that can affect the air quality of an indoor facility. Ultraviolet (UV) technology has been used for more than a century as a germicidal solution for a variety of applications from disinfecting water to controlling airborne diseases in hospitals. Microorganisms have no defense against high frequency ultra-violet (UV-C) light. A well known study by the medical journal "Lancet" in 2003 showed that UV lights reduced microbial contamination within the HVAC system by greater than 99% and reduced occupant respiratory illnesses by more than 40%. Our UV light system is designed specifically to disinfect the HVAC unit to further freshen air, fight odors and reduce indoor air pollution without the use of chemicals. However, this system also increases the energy efficiency of our HVAC units, minimizing our carbon footprint. Microbial growth that coats air conditioning coils hinders the heat-transfer process and increases static pressure, which causes longer HVAC system run times to satisfy set-point temperatures. 

Negative Ion Generator

Generally, insluation efforts to increase efficiency for indoor facilities have the negative effect of minimizing fresh air flow and increasing pollutants.  To combat this, the HVAC industry created this equipment. Ionization equipment is typically mounted in the central air conditioning system; either in the air handling unit itself or on the main supply ductwork. Millions of ions are formed as air passes over the ionization tubes. These ions travel through the duct system and out into the treated space attacking pollutants in the yoga room. Much like sunlight does in the atmosphere, the Plasma Air technology produces a natural bio-climate rich in active oxygen molecules, otherwise known as ions. The Plasma Air system creates a measurable and controllable quantity of positive and negative oxygen ions. The negative ions contain an extra electron while the positive ions are missing an electron resulting in an unstable condition. These unstable ions provide the following benefits: 

1. Particle Reduction - Airborne particles are charged by the ions through ionic bonding. These charged particles stick together increasing their size allowing them to be easily removed by even low grade filters. Additionally, particles are the vehicles that transmit bacteria cells from person to person. As the ions cause increased particle size, the result is less bacteria in the breathing zone.  

2. Sterilization - As they divide in the split zone, bacteria and mold spores bond with active oxygen molecules and are oxidized and destroyed. The bacteria and mold can no longer multiply. 

3. Odor Neutralization - Odorous gases and aerosols oxidize on contact with active oxygen molecules.  Odors, especially of an organic origin, are quickly eliminated.

4. VOC Control - Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases where there is carpeting, building materials, furniture, office equipment, cleaning agents, paints, glues, solvents or pesticides. The ions trade electrons with these VOCs breaking down their molecular structures into less harmful ones. 

Fabric Duct-sock

SWEAT Yoga Studio utilizes custom fabric ductwork instead of traditional metal ducting. Fabric allows air to be dispersed uniformly throughout the yoga room which provides for consistent temperature throughout the space. Our unique ducting system is also antimicrobial and can be laundered; additional measures to ensure the utmost in air quality.

HVAC System