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SWEAT Yoga Studio offers a hybrid of modern and traditional hot yoga classes in Albuquerque. We strive to create a dynamic hot yoga experience for our students with multiple ways to sequence postures that seamlessly flow together in our hot yoga studio. Hot yoga classes are set to upbeat and empowering music that will encourage you to move with intention and surpass your edge. Our hot yoga room temperature is to 98.6*F / 70% humidity unless otherwise noted.


“SWEAT is an incredible yoga studio. It is clean, inviting, and you never need to worry about theft or people accessing your things during class. I have come to SWEAT since it opened, and truly appreciate the variety of classes and amazing teachers they have. The floors are rubber and are very clean - no carpet or other material that absorbs the moisture. They work hard to create a welcoming environment, and I love taking classes from them.” - Devon M.

SWEAT Yoga Studio strives to maintain a vibrant and welcoming hot yoga studio in Albuquerque with a variation of different hot yoga classes to choose from. At our hot yoga studio, you can enjoy complimentary mats, towels, showers, blocks, daycare and more! Try our hot yoga studio in Albuquerque anytime and we promise we'll deliver on an extremely fulfilling hot yoga class. Come SWEAT with us at any of our hot yoga classes in ABQ today!