Private lessons can offer a multitude of benefits to any practitioner. Often, what may take months in a class setting can be accomplished in a few hours under private instruction. You will achieve heightened alignment and awareness, which can improve all aspects of your practice. Browse the options below to see what type of private lesson would be most beneficial to you. 

Beginner Building Blocks

This private session offers a more in-depth version of our Intro class. Your class will include an assessment of joint range-of-motion, strength, flexibility, and breathing. You can choose to work on certain postures that elude you, or allow your instructor to choose the focus based on your physical assessment. You will achieve heightened awareness for your yoga practice that will increase your future group class experience dramatically.

Taking it to the Next Level 

All students reach points in their practice when they feel like they are on a plateau. This is a great time to seek out private instruction to reach that next breakthrough. The content of this type of private lesson is highly individualized based on the student’s current practice, and can focus on anything from foundational postures in either the static or flow series, to arm balances and inversions, to building superior core strength. The possibilities are truly endless.

Healing an Injury

Long before western medicine existed, doctors in India would prescribe individualized series of yoga postures to heal injuries. However, hot yoga can be a double-edged sword when it comes to mending ailments. Not all postures are cure-alls for all types of pain, and the human body is so complex that different people may require different postures and adjustments for what seem like similar injuries. In these sessions, we start by carefully examining the problem. Then, we can tailor a series of poses for you to practice on your own or under our supervision, or we can teach you how to modify group classes so that you are attentive to healing. If ever there was a good reason to seek one-on-one attention, this is it!

Enhancing Athletic Performance

Yoga can be an excellent complement to all types of athletic endeavors, and the instructors at SWEAT Yoga Studio can give countless examples of ways in which a consistent yoga practice has enhanced athletic performance. Whether you are a highly competitive athlete or you have a sporty hobby, this version of the private lesson can help improve your performance. Come by yourself or set up a session for your whole team!

Prenatal Yoga

Hot yoga can be an amazing tool for pregnant women. While most medical professionals will not suggest that you adopt a new fitness routine during pregnancy, women with an existing practice can benefit tremendously from continuing classes. During this private session, you will learn how to adapt your current hot yoga practice to your changing body. You will learn adjustments for each trimester along with ways in which yoga can help you prepare for (and during) birth.