Rocket Yoga @ SWEAT!

SWEAT introduces Rocket Yoga! This is a free (cash donations welcome) class open to the entire ABQ community! Every Saturday from 2-3:15 with a rotating teacher. This is a non-heated class and good for all levels.

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Ethan Johnson
Don't Say The F-Word - Benefiting From The Stress Reducing Qualities of Hot Yoga

I've made the choice to change the narrative of my story and manage my interpretation of fear. Instead of trying to live a “fearless” life, I’m trying to live a life where I understand, manage, and respond to my fears with greater compassion and skill. I’m under no illusion that my fears will never go away. I am, however, optimistic that I can continue to get better at working through my fears so that they don’t unconsciously control my behavior. Compassion and skill, these are the tools, and stress reducing qualities of yoga that help us grow into a better person.

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